Instruction Book with CD for Teachers for Download


  1. Instruction book for Teachers  Lesson about Feelings and emotions

  2. Cd with 16 original tunes pertaining to different feelings

Our program includes 16 feelings and emotions: 1. FRIENDLY 2. SHY 3. HAPPY 4. SAD 5.ANGRY 6. RELAXED 7. SCARED 8. ENJOYMENT 9. JEALOSY 10. EXCITED 11. CONFUSED 12. PROUD 13. HURT 14. SURPRISED 15. CARING 16. LOVE

The lesson plan, is good example of a many short activity with simple instructions about 16 Feelings and Emotions + music. The book is an ideal for teachers.

This Book include:

Identify name feelings and emotions

Vocabularies for expressing feelings

Manage children feelings

You Can See all our lessons on YouTube

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