4 T-Shirts Game “Colors, Shapes and Emotions”


New Unique Fun Game with T-Shirts that every child will love playing. It is sure to be a hit with all children that you work and play with.

The game “Colors, shapes and emotions” teaches children to recognize emotions and identify feelings by music,
Voice and face. The game helps children to make connections between music, voice and facial expressions.
As well, the game teaches children to recognize shapes and colors.
It also teaches very important life-long skills such as following instructions and decision-making.
The game is recommended for ages three and up. It’s also good for students who are non-readers.
This game is for two or more players.
Parents or teachers can add emotional situations or stories, and children will need to find the appropriate emotional face.
It will help them identify feelings in certain situations and relate them to themselves and others. This activity is good for
Social/emotional development and language development.

After  purchases, you will receive  notice with a digital download 16 flash cards for free.

The game has   8 sessions.
Folders list:
1. Colors  2. Shapes  3.Faces  4. Voices  5. Colors and Shapes  6. Faces and Shapes  7. Voices and Emotions  8. Music and Emotions

9. Colors and shapes for 2 players  10. Faces and Shapes for 2 players

Suitable for ages 3 & up     From 2 players & up

You can see our videos.

New Game "Colors Shapes and Emotions"

Movement with Music

Voices and Emotions

Faces and Shapes

We play Colors

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