Educational Programs

Fun to Learn & Easy to Teach about Feelings and Emotions.

Educational Programs for Kids 3 -8 years old


To make our program easily accessible to anyone who has a positive impact on a child, we’ve developed customized versions of our curriculum:  one for Professionals and Teachers, “Development of Emotional Intelligence in Children”, and one for Parents, “Developing Emotional Intelligence in Your Child”.

Designed specifically for ages 3–8, our breakthrough curriculum encourages children to define, process, express, and cope with emotions in a fun, interactive way. Based on cutting-edge psychology and music therapy, program have covered all types of manifestation of feelings and emotions. Music for the program was written using knowledge of methods of music therapy, that was tested in schools in Toronto.

1. It’s adaptable to any language, children do not need to know English.

2. Instruction for Teachers and Parents in easy English.

3. In this Program only Real Pictures for Discussion.

4. Activities  from this program you can see on YouTube.


Original Lesson Plans “Feelings and Emotions” Guide for Teachers





Professionals and teachers are heroes for the children they influence. With our ready-to-go “Development of Emotional Intelligence in Children” system, make  permanent, positive changes in any child’s life by promoting well-being, compassion, and healthy life coping skills. This comprehensive package is easy to use and includes everything you need: Instruction book, Photos for discussion, and a CD with 16 musical pieces.

It’s Perfect for teachers with minimal resources or teachers who want to break up a longer lesson with something more interactive.

Our innovative program helps teachers, counselors, psychologists, and other childhood development professionals produce unbelievable results parents will love:


* Foster life skills by providing fun and engaging emotional intelligence education

* Free distant or troubled children from their shells

* Create an imaginative, harmonious, and mutually stimulating environment in yours classrooms

* Contribute to resourceful learning and innovative self-expression

* Support improved emotional, social, and physical function of children

* Inspire a sense of pride in children about their unique talents and attributes


Parent’s Guide for Social and Emotional Learning with Kids





Is your child angry or aggressive? Shy around other children? This doesn’t have to be a problem! With this amazing program, you’ll transform the way you child connects with you, your family, teachers, and peers. Your child will rapidly improve healthy stress management and emotional expression skills, preparing them for social success now and far into the future.

This comprehensive package is easy to use and includes everything you need: Instruction book, Photos for discussion, and a CD with 16 musical pieces, and a ton of fun one-on-one activities.


     With this program, you’ll be able to:

* Integrate well-being skills into your life and the lives of your entire family

* Improve family cohesion and effective communication

* Become attentive to your child’s emotions and help them label their emotions

* Uncover new opportunities for fostering intimacy and education

* Create a healthy atmosphere by listening with compassion and validating the child’s feelings