Book for Children about Feelings We Present “Rainbow of Feelings,” the Most Important Story You Could Ever Read To Your Kids

For parents and teachers, it’s an essential tool for teaching emotions processing and critical social skills. We’ve developed a new book called “Rainbow of Feelings.” Always striving to advance methods for improving your child’s emotional intelligence, this upcoming, exciting musically centered narrative is perfect for helping any young child learn about their emotions.

“Rainbow of Feelings” is  e-book and Audio Book  designed for ages 3 and up. Written about children, and for children, young audiences will hang on your every word as you narrate aloud each of the 16 stories backed by corresponding musical selections composed by Childhood Music Educator and musical therapist.

For your convenience, we will be offering “Rainbow of Feelings” to you in two forms: 



Why Is “Rainbow of Feelings” Such An Invaluable Tool? 

Feelings are tough to talk about, but developing a solid understanding of them at a young age is key to raising well-adjusted, socially successful adults. We’ve developed this program to help parents and teachers understand the unique perspective of a child, and how to integrate learning about emotions in a fun, engaging, and incredibly effective music-themed book.

“Rainbow of Feelings” explores 16 different emotions in the form of little tales, each written about a specific emotion. The Music accompanies the story, each track a musical illustration of the emotions discussed in each story. As you guide your child or children through the book, you’ll gain clear insight into the challenges children undergo and what the appropriate response is for dealing with those feelings.

This amazing program will help you:

  • Talk to your kids about emotions and understand their individual perspectives

  • Encourage children to acknowledge, label, and cope appropriately with a multitude of feelings

  • Inspire empathy and acceptance toward peers and adults

  • Support problem-solving and creative critical thinking by discussing each situation the book outlines

  • Define clear expectations and positive outcome options based on what your child learns from the characters in each story 

Most importantly, we’ve made a point to give each story a positive ending, allowing your children to leave your side feeling assured that all is right with the world, and nothing is too complicated to not be able to cope using the tools they just learned. 

You have the power to give your child the best shot possible at a successful, bright, and happy future with our upcoming book. Allow music and uplifting stories to be the healing power that runs deep through your family and your children’s hearts.